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DC Men's Double Up Hat

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Hats are a huge part of our life as the owners of a hat business now.

Hats, sun-protective ones, cheerleading caps, hats that draw attention and give you an elegant look - the variety is so vast that at first it may seem difficult for you to make heads and tails of all types of hats and, most importantly, all occasions when they would be appropriate. Not so long ago hats were actually an essential part of a wardrobe - being hatless was embarrassing. These days the world has turned upside down - wearing a hat is not essential, but often preferable. Hats used to be a huge part of the people’s lives in the past. Hats are a huge part of our life as the owners of a hat business now. This is our passion, and for us it’s not just business. It’s personal.

What can you find in this online store? A wide selection of women’s hats, men’s hats and caps are available to you. Moreover, we’ve created easy step-by-step guides for those who are not sure what type of hats they need. There are many details which should be considered when choosing a hat, and after getting familiar with these guides, you’ll be an expert on that subject.

Hats are making a comeback, and it’s not surprising - they complement many outfits perfectly. If you are wondering how you can buy a hat online without trying it on, don’t worry. Just determine your head size and the model of the hat or a cap you are willing to buy and make an order. If it doesn’t fit you, you’ll be able to return it within 30 days (during December and January it is extended to 50 days because they Christmas).

We cherish our customers and value every opinion on our service and our products. We’d love to hear your feedback. Because for us it’s not just business. It’s personal.

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51% Cotton, Woven, 49% Polyester, Woven
Water Resistant
Hand wash
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