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Clair con Panel La Ultima Cena

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We are specializing in selling Coffins and Urns online direct to the public.

Our Metal Cremation Urns are made by skilled artisans through metalworking techniques that have been used for centuries. Assisted by modern technology and manufacturing processes designers create metal urns that are classy, modern and functional. We offer metal cremation urns in steel, bronze, copper, pewter and more. Pewter urns are made and hand-spun by skilled craftsmen using the finest pewter and age-old spinning techniques that make for a sophisticated way to honor your loved one. To ensure the beauty of your urn, only lead-free non-tarnish pewter is used for its safety. Please look at all metal cremation urns so that you will find the perfect one for your style and taste.

Stone is one of the oldest and most traditional materials used to make cremation urns. Our hand-made and hand-polished stone cremation urns make for both a dignified final resting place for a loved one as well as a lovely and enduring memorial in the home. Our stone urns can be made of either marble or onyx, two of the most beautiful stones in the world, and the uniqueness of the patterns found on these natural stones emphasizes the uniqueness of the deceased's personality. We hope the variety of designs we offer will allow everyone to find an urn that will be beautiful and elegant enough to honor the memory of the person whose remains it holds.

Keepsakes are known as small urns, mini urns, sharing urns or keepsake urns. These miniature urns are scaled-down versions of our full-size adult urns. Keepsake cremation urns are designed to hold just a small amount of ashes, lock of hair or other memorabilia. Many people purchase these urns as independent items, but others purchase them to match a full-size urn. They also are purchased in sets to share among children, grandchildren, or other significant people in the person's life.

We are certain that you will find something fitting for your loved one in our range of products. It is important to know that EACH product is individually handcrafted by skilled artisans – giving each piece the love and attention it demands.

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Manufacturer USA
Protective Rubber Gasket
Feutures Rosetan Crepe; End lock system with one piece rubber gasket
Gasket Both
Hardware Fixed
Exterior Material 18 Gauge Steel
Inside Dimensions 79.25" L x 24.5" W
Outside Dimensions 83.5" L x 28.5" W x 22" H
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