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D&G Dolce & Gabbana 0DG4163P 501 8G Butterfly Sunglasses

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How much information do eyes give us?

How much information do eyes give us? The answer is “most of it”. If you have ever seen the world around you blurry, you know what it’s like. Luckily, a bad eyesight, or working at your computer most of the day isn’t a non-solution problem. Nowadays, contemporary medicine offers you a lot of amazing options and you can easily make your world brighter and sharper. For those who work at the computer all the time, we have great news - there are several high-quality solutions which will make your work less tiresome and more efficient.

Why should you choose our store? We have a full range of the products which are needed for a good seeing at the most competitive price. Your favorite brands, your perfect designs of glasses and frames, the best contact lenses care products - all these things are available to you, and you don’t even have to leave your home to get them.

We provide a comprehensive eye care service. This is reflected in the range of spectacle frames on offer. Our aim is to cater for all spectacle wearers, irrespective of age, budget or requirements.

We provide prescription and non-prescription glasses, frames, and contact lenses. Here you may find lens coatings, non-prescription lenses, plastic, polarized sun lenses, UV protective coatings, sleep-in and scratch-resistant lenses. If you have a digital eye strain, here you will find your perfect pair of computer eyeglasses. If you have a dry eye syndrome, we’ll offer the products which will help you improve your state.

If you have children, pay attention to their vision. Sunglasses for children to protect their eyes, special treatment for those who are suffering from a computer vision syndrome and much more, you will see at this website.

Feel free to browse at leisure through hundreds of frames on display including many of the leading designer styles.

The sooner you start taking care of your eyesight, the better it is for your eyes’ health.

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Manufacturer Germany
Material Plastic
Prescription Type Progressive
Contrast Increased
Shape Rectangle
Light Transmission 26%
Technology Polarized
Case yes
Warranty 6 months
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