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Gingerbread in the shape of a star

Gingerbread in the shape of a star

We welcome you in the coziest online store with the tastiest bakery.

We welcome you in the coziest online store with the tastiest bakery. Do you have a wedding? A party? A family gathering? Do you want to spend an evening alone, wrapped up in a blanket, with a cup of cocoa and a couple cupcakes and finally rest from an everyday hustle? In all these questions, we’ll help you out. The most delicious cheesecakes, incredibly appetizing cookies and cupcakes are made with love and passion for you.

Here you will find your favorite bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, and pies. However, this is not a full list of what you may get here. Besides, you can create a cake yourself - just get ready-made ingredients, syrups, cooking creams, different toppings. If you have children, that might be a great way of spending time together, both useful for your household and for developing your child’s motor skills.

Picking up your cake from our store, you’ll be assisted with our friendly team, dive into a cozy atmosphere, lighten up your mood with the overall impression of the place. You can get a personalized bakery or pastry - don’t forget, that very personalized presents mean that you care about the person. It is like a delicious card, where you can place any image and any text that you want. Except for this card is edible.

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Pretty Sweet
Packet country
Storage life
3 days
Temperature of save
Type dough
Gluten Free
Pure biscuit
Gift case
Product Features
Low in fat; Good source of fiber
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