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Baby Swaddle Blanket with Organic Pad

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Baby Swaddle Blanket with Organic Pad
A huge variety of eco-friendly beds and bedroom furniture is at your disposal.

Are you willing to have a green, healthy sleep to be able to start your day from the right foot and to be healthy?

We know how important eco-friendly furniture is, because we use it, too. It all started 15 years ago, when our family suffered from different illnesses and someone advised us to run an air test at home. We did so and discovered it was the furniture and the mattresses that caused this level of toxic evaporations.

After that, we made a research on the furniture that would be healthy. Our family health got improved and we realized that we should help others improve their health, too.

Besides, we don’t remember how we got to our dream, but we always remember the moment when we get back to reality. This moment determines what kind of a day we will have. Recognize this? You’ve had a good sleep - you wake up in a great mood, feeling almighty. You’ve had a bad one, you’ve been distracted by noises or your physical state while asleep, you’ve fell asleep too late - you are having a bad day.

We strongly believe that a good sleep is the very basis of a good life. And we do our best to help you start your every day refreshed.

We all know the distractors which may prevent you from sleeping in - and many of them are caused by improper materials which your furniture and mattresses consist of. Now you have an opportunity to improve your night sleep and make your first step to a healthy and deep sleep.

Our designers made it possible for you not only to choose a non-chemical item which helps your night sleep, but also choose an item which.

Who can use organic sleep products which are offered in this store? Allergic people, children and everybody who cares about his health. If you are worried about the level of toxic substances in your air at home, please have a home air check run. After that, you may want to substitute your bedroom furniture and mattresses with those which are more healthy and eco-friendly.

Better seen than heard, so we suggest that you check out the full range of eco-friendly healthy products.

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8CM Thick, Over 1000 Support Point, High Density, 100% Viso Elatic, Removable Cover, Washable Cover
Comfort Level
Enjoy 2 x pure linen gorgeously soft pillowcases - 48cm x 74cm
Plain dye poly/cotton
Duvet Cover
Eco Friendly
Fitted sheet
180cm x 203cm x 40cm
Flat sheet
260cm x 270cm
650 thread count
Poly/cotton herringbone print with contrast
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